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Sometimes I give healing sessions on a no-charge, no-donation basis although lately I've had the intuitional call not to do so.

My type of work is usually eclectic and varies from Swedish massage to very subtle energy/spiritual adjustments. Often I can be found at the "Healing Circle" held at the main SF library close to the end of each month.

Status: Temporarily Retired, I'm trying to figure out what kind of work I'd enjoy doing, so if you have any ideas, let me know.

Nice pieces of paper I've collected over the years:

  -B.S. Metallurgical Engineering
-a Diploma for 1045 hours of training from what is now the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts
-Reiki I certificate
-Minister ordination from a real, and really strange church
-Half of a MS in Transpersonal Psychology from an unaccredited college
Plus too many workshops to remember: Barbara Brennan, Hakomi Bodywork, Somatic Therapy Institute, Dale Carnegie ...

By the way, there is another Stephen Powell in Santa Fe. If you run into one who's a skinny guy with a pony tail and writes for "The Sun" sometimes; that's not me, he's the other one.

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