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Traditional Mayan Healing in Santa Fe

Miss Beatrice Waight, healer, herbalist and midwife, will be visiting Santa Fe from Belize the week of October 16. Miss Waight, a native Mayan, specializes in spiritual healing and bodywork in the traditions of the Mayan people. She leaves her busy, jungle only twice a year to share the simple yet profound knowledge she as learned from generations of healers. Miss Beatrice is a warm, loving, magical person, and it is a inspiring just to meet her, let alone share her vast, simple knowledge.

A series of five workshops will be available in Santa Fe. The workshops are three hours long and cost $50.00 each(sliding scale). Pre-registration is required. Individual sessions are also available. The workshops are:Mayan Spirituality, Women's Wellness and Moon Cycles, Healing the Spirit, Family Well Being, and Mayan Massage and Spirituality.

She is also offering teaching sessions in her native Belize. You can join us in one of several trips that are being planned for this year.

If you are interested please contact Kristin Klossner (505) 757-3807 or via email. Brochures are available. Thank you.

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