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The Compassionate Touch mission is to advance the value of conscious, respectful touch for the healing of trauma, prevention of violence and the building of peace within communities.

Too often, people live an isolated existence because of abusive relationships, traumatic stress, social or political upheaval, prejudice or fear. This lack of safe physical and emotional touch often leads to increased physical illness, emotional malaise or spiritual depletion.

Compassionate Touch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a place for safe and healthy touch in peoples' lives. Compassionate Touch acknowledges the challenge of implementing clear boundaries against violent touch while educating people about the importance of respectful touch.

Research shows that touch is necessary for the healthy growth and development of persons of all ages. Whether shared with loved ones or on a therapeutic level, conscious, safe touch is an important way to bridge the gap between people. Touch goes beyond gender, ethnicity and age, and is a means to transcend the separation between individuals and build community.

The Compassionate Touch project expands the language of touch to uniquely integrate both physical and psychological components. Through massage, non-competitive games, conflict resolution, movement and art, multilevel communication skills are developed. In all aspects of learning, appropriate physical touch is a significant component.

Compassionate Touch is presently working in the United States and Bosnia, developing and implementing culturally-sensitive, touch-centered education and healing programs for children, teens and adults, as well as providing community-based trainings for educators and health-care workers.

For More Information, to Volunteer, or to Donate, please mail or call:

Michele Herling, Founding Director
(505) 982-0904
1967 Kiva Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501

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