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Geraldine Gutierrez, an artist of San Ildefonso and Santa Clara descent, grew up painting, encouraged and instructed by other professional artists in her family. She began painting at the age of 8, and won her first major art award in 1975, when she was just 16. She has continued to paint and study art all through the years.

In August 1980 she was invited to take part in a two-artist show with her uncle Gilbert Atencio at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque. That event resulted in a sellout of all her paintings. Working in the traditional San Ildefonso style, she bases her art in her love and knowledge of her people and their ways.

Geraldine Gutierrez loves to work in watercolors. Clean, sharp and colorful, her art has been collected throughout the United States, and is also popular in Europe and Japan.

This portfolio of four prints, each 10" x 13 ", is produced on 100 percent rag paper in a limited edition of 450, each signed and numbered by the artist.

$200 for the 4-print portfolio. $15 for Shipping and handling.

San Ildefonso Deer Dancer
San Ildefonso
Deer Dancer

Indian Mother Prepares Hot Stew
Indian Mother
Prepares Hot Stew

<font size="2">Mother Earth Blessing<br>
Mother Earth Blessing
Bride & Groom

$210 for the 4-print portfolio.
$15 Shipping and handling

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