Stan's Tuesday Walks

A Weekly Feature
by Stan Evans,
President, Santa Fe Always Online

I generally take a walk between 5:30 am and 6:00 am, and not only is it good exercise, but it gives me time to plan my day and just plain think about anything that is important to me at the moment. I enjoy these walks so much that I decided I would share them with you visitors and see what you thought. - Stan Evans

January 29, 2002

This morning I got up feeling better about my work routine. I felt I was getting closer to returning to normal. After a spring-like weekend, the weather had cooled off again. The temperature at 5:50 was 31 degrees-brisk but not too frigid. Just about right to get the blood flowing. At precisely 6, I headed out the door, determined to finish my "Tuesday Walk" article on time today, for the first time in quite a while.

 When I got to the Plaza all was quiet, except for the occasional garbage or delivery truck. Heading toward the Federal Building I thought about the previous Friday night, when my wife and I joined one of my lifelong friends and his wife at La Cantina in the Casa Sena restaurant, located in the historic Sena Plaza building on East Palace Avenue one block east of the Santa Fe Plaza.

In La Cantina the wait staff sings songs from Broadway shows and takes requests from diners. Walking along I found myself trying to sing one of the songs I had heard that night. My singing ability is zero to start with, and now that my mouth is somewhat twisted due to Bell's Palsy, I was glad that there was no one around to hear my rendition of "Hello, Dolly."
By the time I walked from the Federal Building over to the old St. Vincent Hospital on East Palace and then west back toward the Plaza, I had worn out "Hello, Dolly" and was well into my version of a song from the Broadway play "Chorus Line." It was a racy song whose title I choose not to mention, but the lyrics are funny if taken in the spirit intended.

As I passed Sena Plaza the second time, my feet felt lighter from the sounds of the music running through my head.

Anyone dining out while visiting Santa Fe should make the La Cantina at La Casa Sena a must. I found the food excellent, and of course the entertainment was great. There is an early show and a late show. Both are sure to please everyone.

br> I kept trying out more and more songs, concentrating so hard on them that I was still singing when I entered the French Pastry Shop at La Fonda. Suddenly I realized that all the regulars were staring at me in surprise. I quickly brought my last rendition to a close, not overlooking the fact that none of the other patrons had joined in to accompany me. Oh, well. Some people just have no ear for music, I guess.

Have a great day.


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