Stan's Tuesday Walks

A Weekly Feature
by Stan Evans,
President, Santa Fe Always Online

January 22, 2002

I awoke this morning glad that my life was back to its normal busy schedule. After driving my daughter's belonging to Las Vegas, Nevada, two weeks ago and then returning to Santa Fe just in time to do my income taxes for 2000 (because of the Cerro Grande fire up at Los Alamos in 2000, the IRS postponed the tax deadline in most New Mexico counties from April 15, 2001, until January 16, 2002; don't ask me why-it just did), I was ready to get back to some sense of normality.

I headed to the Plaza about 6 in the morning without my neighbor, who was back in Palm Springs. He tells me he is there to help his lady friend with her shoe store. Since I've given him a hard time about leaving Santa Fe, to escape the cold weather, and returning to Palm Springs all the time, I won't say anything more.

The temperature was cold. I didn't call to check exactly what it was, because I thought it might discourage me from going out.
But by the time I got to the north side of the Plaza my body was warm from the exercise, and I felt good.

Walking along, I started planning my day. Because I have been running late on my Tuesday articles, I decided that planning was necessary. It's funny how once you fall out of your routine, getting back into it can be extremely difficult.

As I made the turn at the Federal Building and started back home, I decided that a stop at the French Pastry Shop at La Fonda was in order. My thought was that my original Tuesday articles usually included a stop at this shop, and maybe by going there again, I would somehow get back on track. I felt my mind was calorie-starved. Some of us over-caloried individuals (for lack of a better phase) think that way.

Some of the regular and unique customers whom I've talked about before were there, at their usual tables. The smell of fresh pastries and coffee told me I had made the right decision. I ordered a peach pastry and coffee and waited in anticipation. I wasn't disappointed: the aroma and taste of the coffee was everything I had hoped for, and the pastry was light and flaky, crowned with a delicious peach half. I quickly devoured the pastry, and after a second cup of coffee, I headed home.

After getting there, I started making notes on what I wanted to accomplish for the day. I knew I was in good shape because I had increased my calorie count, so my mind was ready to tackle all I could schedule for the day, starting with my article. In a few minutes, however, the phone began ringing-and somehow my day got started and my article didn't.

I guess my theory that additional calories would help my mind get more accomplished didn't work. Oh, well, I'll try harder next week.

Have a great day.

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