Stan's Tuesday Walks

A Weekly Feature
by Stan Evans,
President, Santa Fe Always Online

April 17 , 2001

I awoke this morning at 4:50 am, not any too chipper.  I had to get up because nature was calling, but I had second thoughts about staying up.  I still stopped at my calender first, in hopes of Gary Larson having something really funny this morning. When he is real funny, the laugh usually helps to wake me up.  The cartoon was OK, but not worth a morning quote.  

After I got through with necessities, I threw some water on my face, washed my hands and brushed my teeth But after all the preparation, I was still sleepy.   I guess I was tired from all the Easter weekend activities..  My daughter had come home for the weekend and brought her new "son" with her -- some kind of a floppy eared rabbit.  I guess I found this tiny rabbit fascinating because I spent a good part of the weekend lying down on the floor petting his soft fur.  The constant getting up and down must of worn me out.

I was ready to go by 5:15 am but my neighbor, a bachelor who recently purchased the house next door, had told me he was going to join me on my walk this morning. Actually he had told me the same thing last week and didn't make it.  So when he repeated his plan to meet me this time, I told him I had doubts.   I think I was hoping he wouldn't make it, so he wouldn't make me feel bad,  because he's a former Marine and Vietnam veteran who still looks in good enough shape to withstand the rigors of a military campaign.

Since I had told him that I left around 6am, I decided to wait until the appointed hour. As I waited, I wondered why I put myself through this type of ordeal when I don't continue with a healthy life style the rest of the week.  Fried foods, liquor and visits to the French Pastry Shop won't get it. Sure enough, at 5:50 am  I exited my home and my neighbor was waiting for me in the driveway.

We took off at a pretty good pace for me, but for my neighbor, who is quite tall, it was more like a stroll.  As we walked by the many buildings that were on our path to the plaza, I gave him a little history as to what or who had been the former occupants.  This continuous talking combined with the fast pace had me gasping for air.

After walking around the Federal Building, then over to what I still call The Old St. Vincent's Hospital, then back to the plaza, then west of the plaza a couple of blocks and back,  45 minutes had finally gone by.  As we came by the French Pastry Shop, I asked if he would be interested in stopping for a cup of coffee and maybe a pastry. When he replied, "Yes." I felt a false sense of relief, not remembering that the extra load of the pastry would make the uphill trip home twice as hard.  We spent about 15 minutes having coffee and of course a pastry, which I didn't totally enjoy because the trip home was playing on my mind.   

We ended up having a great time, but I was glad to get home and get into the shower.

Have a great day.


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