Stan's Tuesday Walks

A Weekly Feature
by Stan Evans,
President, SFAOL

February 27, 2001

I was kind of hoping that today would be a no-walk morning. After all, I was a full week older than the last time I strolled around the Plaza, and I felt even older than that. But the weather was OK, and I didn't have a conflicting business schedule, the only two things that I said would stop my Tuesday walks. So I was stuck.

As I tried to wipe the cobwebs out of my eyes and tie my shoes at the same time, I thought about how those drinks and great food I had so much enjoyed last night were coming back to haunt me this morning. My wife, Linda, and I had gone out with friends to celebrate a birthday. You know the rest. The next day came too soon.

Trying to figure a way out of not walking this morning yet not feeling guilty later in the day was occupying my mind, all to no avail. My thumbs and fingers just wouldn't work in unison to tie my shoestrings. When somehow I finally got dressed, I headed to the bathroom to get necessary things out of the way. I think the feeling of toothpaste hitting my mouth is the single most awaking thing that braces me for the coming day.

Heading out the door, I decided to start walking from home instead of driving to the Plaza first, as I did last week. The temperature was warmer than it had been a week ago, so my joints weren't as stiff at the beginning. Also, last Saturday and Sunday I had snowshoed for an hour and a half each day, so I was fairly limber. Don't get the wrong idea-I'm in lousy condition, but I'm making an attempt to improve it.

The time spent getting to the Plaza provides a nice warm-up. As I get closer to the core of our city, I gradually step up my pace. I don't really go fast, just faster. Walking along, I saw a six-pack of Bud Lite on the curb (be serious, an empty six-pack), and it reminded me of the TV ad "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME."

Coming from my home on Pueblo Bonito, I take Don Diego Avenue to Cerrillos Road, one of the southern entrances to Santa Fe. At this point I'm about six blocks south of the Plaza and two blocks west. Cerrillos runs into Galisteo Street, which ends when it intersects with San Francisco Street downtown, right off the Plaza.

Even as slow as I walk, I'm amazed at how much distance I cover in an hour. Sometimes the hour seems like it's never going to end. I don't just walk around the Plaza, which is one block square, I walk several blocks in all directions from this hub, always returning and heading out a different way. Leaving the Plaza for the third time, I headed west on Palace Avenue. At the Wadle Gallery, about a block off the Plaza, I paused to look in the windows. The art in that gallery has always interested me because unbelievably realistic paintings are surrounded by funny animal sculptures. If the purpose of my walks were not getting some exercise, I could spend all my allotted time just looking in those windows. When you come to Santa Fe, be sure to visit the Wadle Gallery.

After a few more excursions through the Plaza, I headed over to the French Pastry Shop and Creperie for refreshment and to plan the rest of my day. With the return walk back home still coming up, I was glad I had overcome my inertia and done my duty. The cobwebs were gone, and I would not have to feel guilty later on.

Have a good one.



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