Stan's Tuesday Walks

A Weekly Feature
by Stan Evans,
President, Santa Fe Always Online

September 11, 2001

This morning I got up at 5:15, to what looked like a beautiful day. The night must have been pretty good also, because I slept later than usual. Last Tuesday I awoke in Las Vegas, Nevada, to blistering heat. By comparison, this morning was wonderfully cool. But this crisp, cool morning was not in Santa Fe.

I had spent the night in Taos, New Mexico, about 78 miles north of Santa Fe, where I have a small condo. The roof was being worked on this week, so I decided to go up and check on the job. Taos, to me, is a small version of Santa Fe, although I doubt that the good citizens up there would appreciate me calling it that. I find any little excuse to go to Taos, because it reminds me of Santa Fe when I was a youngster. Like Santa Fe it has a plaza, and I believe it is the only other city in New Mexico that does.

Starting my walk somewhat earlier than usual, I took a brisk stroll through the condominium complex, then showered and headed back to Santa Fe by 7, eager to finish some work. Because I was feeling so good about Taos, I decided to write this week’s article about my other favorite place in New Mexico. But a far grimmer subject intervened.

When I got home my wife had the coffee on, so I paused to read the newspaper and drink a cup before sitting down to write. After scanning the news, I put the paper down and flicked on the television while finishing the last few sips of coffee.

I don't have to tell you what was happening on TV. Seeing the images of the World Trade Center exploding and disintegrating, I thought at first it was an advertisement for a movie. When reality set in, a feeling of horror, shock and depression overcame me. “How could that happen?” I kept thinking. “How could anyone do such a thing?” I grasped for coherence, but could not find it. Struck speechless by the horror on the little screen, I did not even call out to my wife. A few minutes later, however, Linda came in discovered the tragedy for herself.

I cannot believe man's inhumanity to man. I leave you with no other thoughts.

I hope somehow you can find a way to make the rest of your day good, and also the ones to come, until we finally get through this incomprehensible disaster.


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