Stan's Tuesday Walks

A Weekly Feature
by Stan Evans,
President, Santa Fe Always Online

March 6 , 2001

The weather lately has been crazy, with a little bit of everything. Monday started out partly cloudy, but then cleared up. Tuesday, the day of my weekly walk, was completely overcast when I awoke, and looked like rain or snow. But the temperature was mild. I really did not want to miss my walk, because on Friday I'm getting a rotator cuff operation on my right shoulder and probably won't feel like walking for a couple of weeks afterward. I had the same operation on my left shoulder three years ago, and I'll tell you it was no piece of cake. So despite the chance of getting a little wet, I was determined to pound the pavement as usual this week.

On Monday evening a friend came over for cocktails and stayed for dinner at my wife's request. I mentioned that on Tuesdays I walk around the Plaza and asked if he would like to join me. His immediate answer was yes, but then he realized he would have to get up a lot earlier than usual. Well, he didn't want to back out, so immediately after dinner he took off for home. That's what I like about the guy, always thinking ahead.

We agreed to meet in front of the French Pastry Shop at 6 a.m., but he asked me to call him at 5:45. He wanted to make sure I was up before dragging himself out of bed at that hour. At the agreed-upon time I called him on my cell phone, just as I was pulling up downtown in my car. Then I walked around a bit to loosen up, because my friend is considerably younger and I didn't want him to make me feel too bad when we started our serious walking. He arrived about 6:15. By then I had circled the Plaza several times.

We headed west from the south side of the Plaza for about five blocks, then turned south for three blocks, then east for about eight blocks. At that point I checked my watch, and much to my surprise, discovered that had been walking for only 26 minutes. With all the blocks we had covered, I figured it would have taken more time. I'm not a very fast walker, so I decided that either Santa Fe has short blocks or I counted them wrong. Or maybe my watch was off. It had to be short blocks--although I did notice some moisture under my watch lens.

We turned back north then west toward the Plaza, and as we walked by the cathedral I looked up at the circular stained-glass window high above the front doors. The green-and-red glass made it look like a giant kaleidoscope. When you come to Santa Fe, see if you agree, if you are up at that time of morning.

Returning to the Plaza we headed north on Washington Avenue, passing the federal courthouse and then the Scottish Rite temple, which always draws the attention of Santa Fe visitors because of its bright pink color and its architecture, modeled after the Alhambra in Spain. Washington Avenue turns into Bishop's Lodge Road at this point. We continued straight ahead for about another quarter mile, then crossed the street and headed back to the Plaza. The total time for all of this was about 45 minutes-and keep in mind that I had already walked 15 minutes before my friend showed up. Anyway, we agreed that it was time for a little refreshment. As guide, I led us to the French Pastry Shop, and I didn't hear any complaints. And we didn't even get rained on.

All in all, it was a good, brisk workout prior to my surgery. I look forward to being back on my feet again when the operation is behind me. But as for my friend, I don’t know if he looks forward to getting out of bed so early on future Tuesdays. We’ll see.

Have a good one.


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