Stan's Tuesday Walks

A Weekly Feature
by Stan Evans,
President, Santa Fe Always Online

March 27 , 2001

Well, here I am back to my city, back from sunny (and hot!) Southern California, where I went for a little R&R after rotator-cuff surgery earlier this month. I know that almost everyone loves to get back home after being away for a while, but there is something about Santa Fe that goes way beyond special—all the way up to magical. Anyway, I'm back with my right arm in a sling, ready to do some one-handed typing.

I got up at 5:28 this morning, a little later than my usual rising time before I headed off for Palm Springs. The temperature was 28 degrees, considerably colder than what I was experiencing last week.

After getting organized, I drove rather than walked to the Plaza. My excuse was that I was still recovering from the surgery. But I’d better watch it. I'm starting to make this driving part a habit of my Tuesday “walks.” Pretty soon I'll probably just drive around for an hour and then go to the French Pastry Shop. Let's hope that's not the case.

Approaching my destination, I couldn't find a parking space—at 6 in the morning! It's incredible how the activity around the Plaza increases as daylight comes earlier. It had to be the daylight—the weather certainly wasn’t warm! Finally I got lucky and found the one remaining space in the block past the French Pastry Shop. As I got out of the car, one of the “regulars” at the shop walked outside to have a cigarette, something he does frequently between gulps of coffee. As he attempted to light up, he broke out in a coughing spell that lasted several seconds. Then he tried to light up again, and the same thing happened. And then again. You would think he would give up that nasty habit. I guess I shouldn't rag on him too much, because I used to be a heavy smoker myself. I guess I never realized how ridiculous I must have looked.

I started walking north, up the east side of the Plaza to Washington Avenue. Accustomed to Palm Springs, I had forgotten to bring my gloves, which I quickly regretted as my right hand began to get cold from being in the sling. Reaching the southeast corner of the Federal Oval, where the post office, courts and other federal offices are located, I decided to walk around it in a clockwise direction—the opposite of my usual course. It was just one of those silly little thoughts that pops up when you are by yourself. Then, to my surprise and pleasure, the walk seemed completely different. From the northwest corner of the post office and then back east toward the mountains, all the views seemed fresh. Even the big and bright-pink Masonic Lodge took on a whole new color in the early-morning sun. I guess we all know that seeing things from the opposite direction makes them different, but you don’t quite realize it until you do it.

Soon I was back on Washington Avenue, which I crossed to check out what was happening on the west side of the street. I passed a fairly new restaurant and bar called El Meson. I had forgotten about it, so I jotted down in my mental calendar a note to go there in the near future. Nearing the Plaza once again, I paused to look in the window of LewAllen Jewelry. Let me tell you—whoever made the stuff on display there is GOOD! And as early as the hour was, I had to share the window with another onlooker. I guess Santa Fe’s merchants are happy that the tourists are heading back. Now, if only the weather would warm up!

Have a good day.


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