Joe Hayes, Storyteller

Joe Hayes, professional storyteller and SFAOL contributor, has performed in hundreds of schools, libraries, museums and parks. He tells folktales from many cultures, and among his favorites are the local cuentos, the Hispanic tales of New Mexico. A highlight of every summer in Santa Fe, for children and adults alike, are his storytelling sessions outside the tepee at the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe.

In 1982, Mariposa Printing and Publishing company in Santa Fe presented 10 of these stories in "The Day It Snowed Tortillas." Now in its ninth printing, the book has become a regional favorite and has brought delight to readers throughout the country.

From the melodic song of "La Hormiguita"to the classic lament of "La Llorana," "The Day It Snowed Tortillas" is a collection that will captivate hearts for years to come. If you enjoy the stories of Joe Hayes on SFAOL, you can order this book or others he has written by visiting Cinco Puntos Press.


LITTLE GOLD STAR. A long time ago there was a man whose wife had died. He had just one daughter, and her name was Arcia. Their neighbor was a woman whose husband had died. And she had two daughters. (MORE)

MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, OH! Once, at opposite sides of the same town, there lived a poor woman and a rich woman. The poor woman's husband had died and left her with six children but without a penny to raise them. The rich woman's husband had also died, but he had left her with a fortune in gold and silver. But the rich woman was very stingy and didn't like to share with anyone. (MORE)

THE DAY IT SNOWED TORTILLAS. Here is a story about a woman who was married to a woodcutter. The man was good at his work. He could chop down a tree in no time at all. He would split it up into firewood and take it into the village and sell it. And he made a good living. (MORE)

THE GUM CHEWING RATTLER . When I was a kid, I had a bad habit: I just loved to chew bubblegum. I always had a juicy wad of bubblegum in my mouth—two or three pieces at the same time, just chomping away. (MORE)

ONE DAY, ONE NIGHT . Here is a story that goes way back to the beginning of time. They say that way back then things were very different. There was not a steady rhythm of days and nights like there is now. Instead it might be dark for 10 years in a row. And then light for one day. And then it could be dark again for eight long years. And then light for one day. (MORE)

PEDRO AND DIABLO . Once in a small mountain village there lived two men who were good friends. The one man's name was Pedro. The other? Well-no one remembered his name. You see, no one ever called him by his name. Instead, they used his nickname.

JUAN CAMISON There was once a poor woman who had a lazy son. The hardest thing he did each day was to decide whether to stay in bed late or get up early so that he'd have more time to lie around and do nothing.

THE CRICKET This is a story about two men who were compadres, which means they were godfathers to each other's children. One man was rich. He had a fine ranch with a big herd of cattle. And he had one mule that was his pride and joy. It was a prize-winning mule.

THE LITTLE GOLD STAR A long time ago there was a man whose wife had died. He had just one daughter, and her name was Arcia. Their neighbor was a woman whose husband had died. And she had two daughters.

THE BEST THIEF Long ago there lived a poor man and his wife, who had three sons. But they didn't have any money to feed and clothe the boys.

GOOD ADVICE This is the story of a man and his wife who had just one son. He was a good boy, both likable and hardworking, but sometimes a little slow to learn.

THE PRINCE'S SERVANT There is an old story about a young man whose father was a king and whose mother was a queen. Of course, that would make him a prince.

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