Welcome to SFAOL 2001

A New Year, a Time to Do Everything Right!


Stan Evans

President of Santa Fe Always On Line, Inc.

Hello, and welcome to Santa Fe Always OnLine. I'm Stan Evans, president of this enterprise, and I'd like to extend personal greetings and tell you something about our site.

The glow of the New Year is over, and we're all back in harness. So now I'd like to discuss a few things with the visitors to SFAOL.com. There is good news to report. In a two-week period in January 2001 we had 161,929 hits. More important, more than a fourth of those hits-43,745, to be precise-went on to become a pageviews. That's a lot of traffic. By comparison, in September 2000, just before we launched the new, improved site, the previous SFOL site got just 14,630 hits. We must be doing something right.

But who is "We"? Santa Fe Always Online is principally made up of three people. One is Webmaster Andrew Elliot, without whom we could not function, because the other two of us know little about the computer world. The second is Richard McCord, our editor-journalist-author, in charge of gathering and producing all the great information you find on our site. And then there's me. Remember that when an individual fits no particular slot in an organization, he is made president. It's one form of the "Peter Principle."

Anyway, I am writing to you now with three things in mind. One is to tell you where we want to go with this site. Two is to explain why we have been slow in responding to the dozens of specific questions that visitors have sent our way. Three is to ask you a favor.

SFAOL.com is the product of seven years of experience, plus a lot of thought. In the early days of the Internet age, this site began as SFOL.com. Although that site did not prove ready to move on into the future, it gave us an excellent advantage: As one of the first Web sites about Santa Fe, it gained a very high position on major search engines, which we have now inherited. When people want to learn about Santa Fe, they find us.

Our plan is to build the Internet's best general-purpose information center about our beloved city. Already we think we have achieved that goal. Just compare SFAOL.com with any other site about Santa Fe on the Web, and we think you'll agree. We have studied the information sites of many other cities nationwide, and tried to exceed them.

At this point we have hundreds of articles, by many of Santa Fe's best-known writers, plus hundreds of links to specific businesses, attractions and information centers. We constantly are adding new material and new basic categories. Look soon for separate categories on Native Americans, Children, Tall Tales and other topics. We also are creating a category, with maps, for the Sunday Open Houses of the Santa Fe Realtors.

Yet in a way, we have suffered from our success. Despite our efforts to provide the basic information that people interested in Santa Fe might want, we have been deluged with specific questions not answered on our site. Getting this information is time-consuming, and we had not been prepared. But now we have added an associate to handle this task.

My third subject is the most important. We want to ask your help in making our site even better. We want to learn about you: What are your interests? What else do you want to know about Santa Fe? Also, what products should we add to our Online store? In the end, sales from the store will spell our success, and we want the selection to be just right.

As president, I'm in charge of that department. I've carefully chosen the present items. For example, the sterling-silver hatbands for baseball caps are unique. We have separate designs for fishermen, tennis players, sailboaters and animal enthusiasts. One for golfers is coming soon. The Indian wedding vase is also exceptional, and it comes with a story included, for a one-of-a-kind gift for people getting married. The Gib Singleton crucifix, also of sterling silver, is elegant in its simple beauty. Now I'm looking for more items. Your suggestions will be invaluable as the store grows. Remember-it's for you.

Well, that's my report. You now know who we are, what our site is about, and where we hope to go. We are asking for your help in getting there. The journey should be fun.

Thanks in advance.

Stan Evans, President, SFAOL.com
Email Stan at stonecrab@aol.com


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