NEW MEXICO'S BEST KIDS STUFF. Here's the "Totally Awesome 10," according to a random selection of New Mexicans under the age of 16. Like, check it out, dude. (more)

THE BEST PLACE FOR KIDS. The hands-on Santa Fe Children's Museum "offers kids a chance to learn by doing," says local writer (and parent) Catherine Coggan, author of Family Adventures in New Mexico. "There's a climbing wall, bubble-making machine, a contraption containing 180,000 metal pins, magnet exhibits, as well as snakes and other live animals that children can touch or hold." (more)

SEAL OF APPROVAL by Richard C. McCord. "Parents will buy kids any video they ask for--'Rambo,' 'Terminator II,' 'Lethal Weapon'--especially when the kid is sick," says Ranny Levy, who heads the Santa Fe-based Coalition for Quality Children's Media. "They think it's love. But they don't realize that such movies cause agitation, not healing." (more)





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