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Defeating Depression: Run It Away!
John Stewart

Softbound, 6 x 9,120 pages. $11.95.
Self-Help/Fitness. (1995)


Depression and chronic mild depression are said to be the common colds of mental disorders. As common as these mood disorders may be, they remain stigmatized and are rarely discussed by those affected, their friends, or family. It is normal to hear someone comment that the new medication they are receiving has done wonders for their arthritis or other physical ailments, but rarely do you hear, "My depression is better since I started treatment!" The vast majority of depression cases (possibly as high as 80%) go undiagnosed and untreated. It's time to get depression out of the closet and discuss it openly. This mood disorder affects too many people and too many family members not to be discussed.

If you, a family member, or a friend suffer from depression, read this book, share it with your medical practitioner, and give exercise a try. Exercise and a little sweat may be a better solution than another pill. Exercise is self-administered, and it lasts for a lifetime.

About the Author:

John Stewart, who is a stockbroker in Houston, had several bouts with depression and tried various therapies. None had any lasting effect until he discovered physical activity therapy.

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