This site is both a Bookstore and Writing Forum. In addition to books, videos and audiotapes for sale, we feature selections from Novels, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Screenplays. There are Resources for Writers, a You-Can-Add-To-This-Story project, as well as Links to Related Sites. We even have a list of Periodicals published in and about Santa Fe.

If you're planning to visit Santa Fe, check out the Santa Fe Literary Walking Tour developed by local writer and bibliophile Barbara Harrelson. Click here for Southwest travel books. For further tourist information, see the SFOL Travel Page.

The Santa Fe Always Online Bookstore carries general Fiction and nonfiction books on a variety of subjects including History & Culture, Crafts, and Spiritual & Self Growth as well as Poetry. We specialize in Art , regional History and Cookbooks related to New Mexico and the Southwest. Book Ordering uses our safe system of online purchasing. For details about marketing your work on this SFOL site, see the Services page.

Hosts for the Bookstore and Writing Forum:
John Immel - publishing & printing for thirty-five years.
Andrew Elliot - a writer, editor, and book consultant.
You can send e-mail to them at or


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