On Flatwillow Creek: The Story of Montana's N Bar Ranch
Linda A. Grosskopf

Softbound, 6 x 9, 392 pages. $18.95.
Full-color cover, over 100 photos, 2nd ed. History. ISBN 0-944482-21-X, (1995)


One hundred years of history are stored in the pages of On Flatwillow Creek: The Story of Montana's N Bar Ranch. This lively book traces the N Bar's beginnings in the great Texas cattle drives, its ownership by legendary millionaire Thomas Cruse, its days as a Mormon colony, and its current status as one of the West's leading Angus producers. It was a tough outfit that drove N Bar cattle from the border of Mexico to the mountain grasses of Montana in the 1880s. The cattle and the people survived the demands of an unforgiving environment to build one of the oldest and most colorful spreads in the West. Author Linda A. Grosskopf has compiled years of research to recreate the voices of that turbulent history.

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