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The Narrow Path: An Intimate Account of an Inner Journey
Janina Szpotko-Greene

Softbound, 6 x 9, 80 pages. $9.95.
Inspirational. (1995)


"In The Narrow Path, Janina Szpotko-Greene embarks on a journey as poetic as it is spiritual. Her voice is direct and disarming; her step is sure to lead the reader on his or her own journey of personal discovery." -- Jim Sagel, recipient of the International Literary Award Premio Casa de las Americas.

"Janina is a healer, first in her physical therapy, and now more so in her healing touch as a spiritual writer, who breathes forth reality and truth, pain and peace." --Rev. George Easley, retired Presbyterian pastor, United Church of Los Alamos.

About the Author:

The author has recorded her poems, Footprints I Leave Behind, on an audio cassette tape, 33 minutes, at $9.95.

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