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Old Santa Fe Today
Forward by John Gaw Meem

Paper, 126 pages
UNM Press, 1991
$10.00 (Sale price through Center for Land Grant Studies Press)


This is a beautifully designed book that includes a one to two page description of all the historic houses in Santa Fe, together with photographs of each house. Included as well are churches, cemeteries, acequias, the plaza and the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe and several important structures near the city. Santa Fe has been the capitol of New Mexico since 1610, ten years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth rock, making it the oldest capitol city in the United States. This book is a gold mine of historic information, since it contains detailed yet concise information about famous occupants such as Donaciano Vigil, Ignacio Roybal, Gustave Baumann, Padre Josť Manuel Gallegos, Adolf Bandelier, and Bishop Jean Baptiste Lamy. A map of Santa Fe and surrounding area is included showing the location of each historic building. With this book in hand the history buff or expert can go on a walking tour of Santa Fe, locate each building, which contain historic plaques, and learn about Old Santa Fe and its occupants.

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