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Literacy, Education, and Society in New Mexico

Bernardo P. Gallegos

Hardcover, 119 Pages
UNM Press. 1992


This is a little gem of a book. Although focused on literacy and education, it deals with all aspects of Colonial Period Society in New Mexico. The use of literacy as an instrument of colonization is analyzed with far reaching implications. The specific ways in which this took place are also discussed -- particularly the use of young Indians from the pueblos, called doctrinarians. Raised and educated by missionaries, they became invaluable in the indoctrinization of the other Indians. Gallegos uses primary sources to give us a fresh view of Spanish Colonial New Mexican society.

"This study of literacy in early New Mexico provides a unique window into culture and social formation of Spanish speaking Americans . . . " -- Professor Juan Gómez-Quiñones, University of California at Los Angeles

About the Author:

Bernardo P. Gallegos is assistant Professor of Education Foundation at California State University at Los Angeles.

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