The Tierra Amarilla Land Grant
Malcolm Ebright

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This is the second edition of a book that attempts to unravel the tangled history of the best-known land grant in New Mexico (besides the Maxwell grant). After reading this book, one begins to understand the grievances that led to the famous Tierra Amarilla Courthouse Raid in 1967. Ebright traces the early history of the grant, its adjudication by the Surveyor General of New Mexico, and its eventual aquisition by the leader of the Santa Fe Ring, Thomas B. Catron. A new introduction covers recent developments on the grant, as well as new evidence of possible collusion between the surveyor general and the original petitioner for the grant. Contains a complete listing of the settlers living in the seven villages on the grant in the early 1860's.

About the Author:

Malcolm Ebright is a lawyer and historian living in Guadalupita, New Mexico where he directs the Center for Land Grant Studies. He has been studying land grant history and working with traditional communities in northern New Mexico for 25 years. Ebright has written numerous books and articles on the history of New Mexico land grants. In addition, he maintains an active legal practice concentrating on land and water litigation. According to William deBuys, author of River of Traps and Enchantment and Exploitation, "Malcolm Ebright, quite simply, is the finest land grants scholar we've ever had."

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