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  • Chile, Corn & Croissants by Joan Stromquist
    This fun cookbook contains almost 400 personal recipes from the charming Country Inns of New Mexico.

  • Santa Fe Lite & Spicy Recipe by Joan Stromquist
    In its fourth printing, this cookbook contains over 350 original recipes from 40 of the best restaurants in Santa Fe.

  • Santa Fe Hot & Spicy Recipe by Joan Stromquist
    Attention chile lovers! If you like hot foods, then this new cookbook is for you.

  • Taos Recipe by Joan Stromquist
    In its sixth printing, this cookbook features tantalizing dishes from the best restaurants in historic Taos, New Mexico.

  • Grant Corner Inn Cookbook by Louise Stewart
    263 delectable breakfast and brunch recipes created, tested and served by Santa Fe's Grant Corner Inn.

  • Written with a Spoon, a Poet's Cookbook edited by Nancy Fay & Judith Rafaela
    Recipes for starving poets.

  • Maria's Real Margarita Book by Al Lucero
    The Seattle Times called Maria's "The Mother lode of American Margaritas". Foreword by Robert Redford

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