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Grandfather's Drum

Grandfather's Drum
Elizabeth Bluehorse



The cherished instrument that would come to be referred to as Grandfather's drum was made of oak and golden tanned deer hide; fashioned by strong hands through the weeks of a glorious autumn many years ago. But, more than wood and hide it was fashioned from love and memories, laughter and tears, and carried within its guarded interior a vestige of generational heritage. Through his gracious presence Grandfather Fire Eagle left behind a legacy of wisdom and joy that filled our hearts and left an indelible mark upon everyone who met him.

The volume that now desires to ignite your imagination contains fact and fiction, truth and fantasy. But, like Grandfather's drum, the text was called forth from the common heritage of man and beast, of earth and sky fashioned into oneness within the eternal 1wenakshe'.

1Wenakshe' is the Cherokee word which indicates one's extended family of relatives past present and future.

About the Author:

Born near Gallup, New Mexico, Elizabeth Bluehorse began writing at an early age. Drawing upon the influence of her Native American, Scottish and Swedish heritage Ms. Bluehorse has produced seven books in a signature style that has been described by professionals and public alike as poetic and beautifully descriptive.

The Tale Spinner. A 'books-on-tape' version of the story of the same name included in the book Grandfather's Drum.

The View From the hill A novel by Elizabeth Bluehorse

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