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The Tale Spinner
Elizabeth Bluehorse



A Native American short story with music. For children of all ages.

Available on audio cassette only, The Tale Spinner is a 'books-on-tape' version of the story of the same name included in the book Grandfather's Drum. This delightfully entertaining rendition is read by the author and accompanied by an original soundtrack composed by Elizabeth. Illustrated by magical sound effects throughout, this volume is recommended for children six years of age and up.  

About the Author:

Born near Gallup, New Mexico, Elizabeth Bluehorse began writing at an early age. Drawing upon the influence of her Native American, Scottish and Swedish heritage Ms. Bluehorse has produced seven books in a signature style that has been described by professionals and public alike as poetic and beautifully descriptive.

The View From the hill A novel by Elizabeth Bluehorse

Grandfather's Drum. A new novel by Elizabeth Bluehorse.

For other books, tapes or more information visit Elizabeth Bluehorse Home Page

Her E-mail address is bluehorse@angelfire.com