The Best Way to Learn More 'Bests'

By Richard Mahler

Author of "New Mexico's Best"

Besides my own book, there are several New Mexico magazines and newspapers that compile "best" lists with some regularity. In Santa Fe these include the weekly Santa Fe Reporter, the daily Santa Fe New Mexican and the monthly Santa Fean magazine. In Albuquerque, look in the weekly Alibi and the montly ABQ magazine. Each provides helpful insights into what local people like to see and do. New Mexico magazine also produces first-rate specialized books about the Land of Enchantment, including an annual complimentary Vacation Guide. To request a copy, call 1-800-733-6396.

Richard Mahler is author of "New Mexico's Best" and several other books. A journalist and photographer as well, he specializes in travel writing, among other subjects. He has contributed to National Public Radio since 1973 and to the Los Angeles Times since 1979. He has written thousands of articles for more than 100 magazines and newspapers, including The New Mexican, New Mexico magazine, and Santa Fean magazine. A longtime resident of New Mexico, he lives in Santa Fe.

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