The Best of the Best

By Richard Mahler

Author of "New Mexico's Best"

Some of the best things about Santa Fe, and all of the Land of Enchantment, do not fit into discrete geographic categories. They pertain instead to New Mexico's distinctive character, and resist geographic pigeonholes. Others relate to the region's tri-cultural heritage: Native American, Hispanic and Anglo (a catch-all category that includes virtually everyone who doesn't fit into the other two classifications).

To examine my specific recommendations for Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerque and other popular New Mexico sites, please browse through the category titled THE BEST. In the introductory section presented here, however-which I am calling The Best of the Best-I have pulled together my own observations and those of many recognized experts on various aspects of New Mexico's unique culture.

I hope these reflections-both general and specific-prove useful to you as you discover and explore the incredible part of America that is New Mexico, Nuevo Mexico and the Land of Enchantment. There is no other place like it.


* Our Remarkable State: By former U. N.  Ambassador Bill Richardson

* The "Real" New Mexico: By the late, multi-honored writer Jim Sagel

* New Mexico's Hispanic Culture: By noted author Rudolfo Anaya

* New Mexico's Native Culture: By Acoma Pueblo writer Simon Ortiz

* The Best Way to Behave on Indian Reservations

* The Best New Mexican Food

* The Best Way to Pick, Roast and Eat Pinon Nuts

* The Best Time to Visit

* The Best New Mexico Kid Stuff

* The Best Way to Learn More

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